Sunday, August 23, 2009

losing teeth

anna just lost her last 2 baby teeth. it is kind of sad to think that the tooth fairy rain on anna is over. she always lost them in pairs. the girl is so tough that after pulling out one on one side, the other side would usually be loose too, and she would just yank it out also. she told me that all it takes is a couple of rips and i remember those "rips" from when i was a kid.

avery on the other hand is a little bit different (a little more wimpy). he had his front tooth so loose that while he was sitting and watching tv with a piece of floss tied to it, blake walked by and pulled down and it came out. avery said ow, but then after looking down and realizing that his tooth was out, he was ok with it.

he is quite the character, he doesn't like giving his teeth to the tooth fairy, his primary motivation of getting his teeth out is not money. he came in and asked me after he lost his first tooth this year (he's lost 4 total, but if you ask him, he's lost 5, story to come later) "what if i don't want to give my tooth to the tooth fairy?" i just told him not to put it under his pillow and that he probably wouldn't get any money, but that he would be able to keep his tooth and seemed okay with that idea. i forgot to inform blake about the arrangement and so he got to keep his tooth and received a couple of dollars from the tooth fairy. a couple of days later when anna lost a tooth blake said, "what is up with not being able to find our kids teeth under their pillows?" i guess she also decided to hold onto her teeth long-term also, who in the heck knows why they want to keep them.

one last story: when anna lost her first 2 teeth avery was maybe 3 or so and again she lost both of them together and he wanted to lose one too. he brought me the scissors and wanted me to cut one out so that the tooth fairy would come to him too (he is totally over this part) so i asked anna if avery could have one of her teeth to put under his pillow but he was determined to lose one of his own teeth. sooo, i yanked hard on his front tooth and produced a tooth (pretty tricky, i thought so anyway) but immediately he wanted to see where he lost his tooth (anna had been examining her space for the last hour or so). while looking in the mirror, he determined that he had lost it in the middle and we never corrected him (he is still wondering why it hasn't grown back) so when you ask him how many teeth he has lost, he says 5, even though he really has only lost 4.

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