Friday, September 4, 2009

first grade friends

i was picking up the kids the other day from school when i ran into lily medina who i went to school with picking up her kids. i had forgotten that she moved back here and she said that her little boy was in the first grade also, same as avery, but in the other class (there are 2 first grade classes). she said to tell avery to play with him because he has no friends and is really shy. so when we came home i asked avery if he knew a new boy named tyler and he said that he had seen him on the playground and such. i told him to play with him because he doesn't have any friends here because he is new. avery must have really been thinking about this because an hour or so later he said, "i'm going to make kolby and fox play with him too and then he'll have 3 friends." that is just how my boy is, he is always thinking of everyone else around him. in relating this story to blake, he told me that when he was in the first grade he remembers telling his mom to make sure that she cut his sandwich in half because he would give the other half away to kids who forgot their lunch or whatnot. i thought this was really sweet and am proud of my 2 first graders.

update: he came home and reported that they all played with tyler at lunch. it makes me smile thinking that he has probably made a friend for life all because he isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone and embrace others that he thinks might be struggling. he is my little leader and i just hope that he leads his friends in the right places.