Friday, November 14, 2008

avery: mom, does my hair look cool?
mom: your hair doesn't make you cool.
avery: is it your clothes that make you cool?
mom: no it isn't your clothes.
avery: i know, i know it is your moooves that make you cool?
mom: no it isn't your moves. at this point he is totally confused as to what makes you cool.
avery: then what is it that makes you cool?
mom: it is what's in your heart and how you treat other people that makes you cool.
avery: a lot of people don't know that, do they mom?
mom: no avery, a lot of people don't know that.

it is pretty sad that my 5 year old is already worried about what makes him cool and trying to fit in. i am trying my dangdest to teach him that it's whats in the inside that counts.
avery: mom do you think you can get some of those things that go on your teeth for anna.
mom: you mean braces.
avery: yeah.
mom: she doesn't need them. why would we do that?
avery: they make you look cool. (he is way into looking cool)
mom: they don't make you look cool. in fact, they make you look kind of nerdy.
avery: they don't make kennon look nerdy (that is jenean's son who is in the 2nd grade and already has braces).

when do braces become uncool, because right now avery thinks they are so cool!

avery's quotes of the week

avery: mom can we make my turkey now? it is a turkey to hang on the wall at school. we ended up putting seeds on each feather it turned out really cute. i will have to take a picture and post it.
mom: no
avery: how bout now?
mom: avery, i am busy. after i am done making dinner we'll work on it. why don't you think about somebody besides yourself and ask mom what i need help with.
avery: like when anna just thinks about herself.
mom: don't worry about anna.
avery: you just told me to stop thinking only about myself.