Thursday, February 5, 2009

"almost" tractor accident

i don't have a picture, but i actually have something exciting to write about. i was fertilizing the field today with the tractor and then i had to drive it over to my dads to do his fields. you would have had to see it to imagine the tractor being followed by this huge fertilizer spreader which had approximately 3500 pounds of fertilizer in it. on the way over to my dads, i took a short-cut which includes kind of large, downhill, rough slope. i didn't realize that i needed to go down it in first gear (i was in the highest gear that the tractor has) and i had the idea that i could just coast down it fairly easily. anyway, i totally lost control of the tractor and it was sliding uncontrollably toward the side of the mountain. the brakes weren't working because i had too heavy of a load on back and i just kept thinking that i would crash into the side of the hill and at least it would come to a stop. the wheels kind of got stuck sideways because the load was pushing it and the steering wheel wouldn't turn the opposite way. my life flashed before my eyes just before i plowed into the side of the hill and at the last minute i was able to correct the deathly slide. at the bottom of the hill, i had to stop and take a minute and breathe. i drove on to bonnie's house to calm down for a minute. the worst part about it (or the best) is that when i told blake about it, he put me on farm restriction and then he said, "and of course you weren't wearing you seatbelt (i had to explain to him that i wasn't aware that there even was a seatbelt, i later found it and strapped it down tight)." i then had to call my dad and explain to him that he slacked off in teaching me proper tractor handling and when the skills were needed, i absolutely did not possess them. i could tell from both his and blake's reaction that it was a really close call and that there was a very good possibility of rolling the tractor. blake said that he had to take a minute at work after i called him and think about the "could have beens." don't worry, he then went around work relating the story. i have to thank my many blessings that everything worked out in the end and my "almost" tractor accident didn't end poorly.