Friday, February 6, 2009

christmas picture

this is the latest picture i have of my family. everybody is doing great. i took the camera down to lamb practice the other day, but forgot to get it out of the truck. hopefully, i will get some pictures of the kids at their basketball games and anna at lamb practice before they both end.

nutrition books that have changed my whole life

if you haven't already read these books, i recommend them. the approach is a little radical, but is cracking your sternum to do a quadruple bypass surgery any less radical (a quote taken from one of them, but they have all kind of run together in my mind).

my beautiful sister-in-law

ok, i have always thought emily was just beautiful and now expecting her 3rd baby in just a few short weeks, she glows. i am excited for her. she is such a great mom and devoted wife. i found these pictures amongst some of my own and had to post them. anna took them and although blake was mad when i told him i let her be the photographer (she was 7 at the time), i explained to him that when a child takes the pictures, you get a totally new perspective. i think they are great.

fat pictures

these were taken 2 years ago at the fair and it wasn't too long after that, that i started exercising again. i have to say though, that this was kind of a stressful time in my life and i dealt with it the only way i knew how at the time, with food. ignorance is bliss, sometimes.

isn't kylie adorable. and yes, those are 2 chins.

seriously blake, could you have taken a worse picture? he thinks he's a photographer.

don't even tell me that there isn't some resemblance to my dad's little sister in this one. i definitely am pulsipher.

ok, i have been meaning to do this for a while, but have been extremely embarrased. but....after much deliberation (and 100 straight days of not missing a day of exercise), tada. now i need to take some afters.