Tuesday, October 7, 2008

splitting wood

my dad and blake in their element. we went and cut 4.5 cords of wood this summer up on cedar mountain with luis, megan, billy, blake, anna, avery, and i. it was like christmas for blake. anna came up to me and said, "avery said a bad word." i said what did he say" and she of course wouldn"t repeat it, she is way too good. i then asked her what context he used it in. she was saved when avery comes around the corner and says, "i just said that we were working our a**es off." it was so cute because he mostly took breaks and drank all the gatorade. i was just glad that he stayed out of the way. luis was worried that he wouldn't get to run a saw so when we got up on the mountain blake just handed his over and was like here you can cut. i don't think luis will be complaining next time about not being able to run a saw. by the time that we were done cutting, his back was killing him and he was moving really slow. billy ran the other saw. on the way home we got 2 flat tires with only 1 spare and had to leave the trailer in between mesquite and moapa until the next day when we could go purchase another tire.

our star

we call her gifted! what else is it when you can give your brother a dirty look and still not lose your place? she is becoming quite good on the piano. i wasn't going to post her playing, but after i posted avery, she said, "what am i, a plate of grits?" i guess thats what the kids say now instead of chopped liver, but it means the same thing.