Wednesday, February 3, 2010

blake's grandpa haynes

blake's grandpa hayne's has the biggest hands i have ever seen. i absolutely love them. i always have to get pictures of him holding our babies with these gorilla hands. they even make this 10 pound girl look small.

i have already spoiled her rotten and she wakes up as soon as i put her down. this seems to be a regular at our house. don't be surprised if you walk into our house at anytime during the day or night and find us in this exact position.

avery and blake

blake keeps on saying, "look what i can do." i guess maybe you had to be there, but it was from madtv or saturday night live or something, but it still makes us laugh.
avery said tonight, "since the baby's been born, life has changed A LOT and you guys have been making A LOT of new rules." the new rules consist of things like, don't throw things around the baby. blake and him have been attention starved lately because there is a lot of baby holding going on and not much else. i am totally taking advantage of not having to clean house or make dinner for at least a couple more weeks. blake has been a ton of help and it only took 5 days of cleaning up the kitchen before he told anna that he was exhausted and it was her turn to clean the kitchen. i think he has a new appreciation for what i do.

the very first night that she was a part of our family, blake heard her cry from the kitchen and said, "i love hearing a baby cry in this house." the second night, he said, "i am never going to complain about her crying, i have wanted her for so long." the third night, i took her out of the room at 4 a.m. and at 5 a.m. he came in and said, "you could at least shut the door if your going to take her out." it only took 3 nights before he decided that he likes his sleep more than hearing her cry.