Wednesday, February 3, 2010

blake's grandpa haynes

blake's grandpa hayne's has the biggest hands i have ever seen. i absolutely love them. i always have to get pictures of him holding our babies with these gorilla hands. they even make this 10 pound girl look small.

i have already spoiled her rotten and she wakes up as soon as i put her down. this seems to be a regular at our house. don't be surprised if you walk into our house at anytime during the day or night and find us in this exact position.


  1. Haynes has huge hands... and you are right. Aurelie looks itty bitty.

    I love that you spoil her. It is really the best time of your life to be spoiled. YOU are a great Mother Kessa.


  2. Yes i do that every time even though i say "this baby will sleep in a crib" but oh no i can never put them down!!!!!!! You two look perfect!

  3. cute pics:) we have been dying to come over and hold the baby, but me and the girls still have these runny noses and don't want to get her sick:( so as soon it's gone...we're a comin!

  4. What a cutie! I'd be doing the same thing. Hold them as long as you can!!