Thursday, July 30, 2009


the big question is do we fix this beautiful space now while he is little? i personally think it gives him character, but i have never had one so i don't know if eventually one day he might hate me for not fixing it when he was young and i had the chance. let me know.


  1. In Albania it is a sign that he will be lucky and prosperous throughout his life. I have a small gap and I asked the dentist if I could get it fixed and he said no. I was really bummed. I think for him in the furture it would be nice not to have it. But that is just from my own experience.

  2. Allie and Mark booth have gaps too. I asked the dentist about them and he says that its good because it give thier teeth room.. so no need for braces later.
    But I don't know about Avery. His teeth are probably permant ones now.
    Please let me know what you find out from others!

  3. My Mary has been practicing her piano thanks to your sweet Anna!! You know what i think about Avery he is so handsome that he might not forgive you later!! :)

  4. I did not have a gap in my baby teeth only my adult teeth. I am so glad I fixed my teeth. I hated my gap, but I am a girl. It is different for boys.
    He can get braces when he is a teenager if his gap bugs him. Then it will be his choice and you will not have to decide for him.
    I am hoping Paige does not have a gap in her adult teeth. Robbie had one in her baby teeth, but not her adult teeth. I hope she gets Nathen's teeth not mine.