Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the golden child

anna and avery were playing over at emily's house and i told them that when they sat down to dinner, that they needed to come home. after the kids came home, the phone rang and it was emily telling me what a good girl i have. she said that anna was watching tv and didn't notice that they had sat down to dinner and when she noticed she got right up and started putting on her boots so that she could come home. emily and kyle were trying to talk her into staying and finishing her show, but she was insistent that her mother told her to come home as soon as they sat down to dinner and so that is what she did. emily said that she felt a little bad because they were trying to get her to disobey, but it didn't work. we have always wondered why we were given her. she is such a precious gift and way more than we deserve. i am really worried about the teenage years because she has to rebel sometime, right?


  1. Hey guys what is your address?? I am sending out christmas cards!! We all should get together sometime again!! Just let us know and we can come up there!!

  2. Kessa- I'm so happy I found your blog (even if you haven't updated lately). You are on my friends list. I am excited to keep up with you better!