Tuesday, November 18, 2008


i am sitting in the office with blake (he's on his computer and i'm on mine, he calls it "bonding") and he starts teasing with anna (yeah she's on her computer). he holds out his hand so that she can slap it and then quickly pulls it away. he does it again and it is like cold honey as she tries to hit his hand over and over. then he starts saying double or nothing. she then stops playing the game and says, "dad, i don't gamble."

you might think that she is a golden child, well she kind of is, but just a few months ago she was all for the gambling experience. her dad and her were playing the same game and he says, "i'll pay you a dollar if you hit my hand, but if you miss, you owe me 2 dollars." they play until anna is in the hole about $10 and then he says, "ok, double or nothing." she of course misses his hand again and he tells her to go and get her money. she starts bawling and tells him that that money is for college and she doesn't want to pay up and thats when he teaches her a life lesson.... wait for it..... he says, "thats why we don't gamble." ever since, as soon as he starts putting money on the table she says, "dad, i don't gamble." its pretty cute.

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