Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ok, i guess i need to give everybody an update on what is going on in our lives. blake was off from thanksgiving to right after christmas. this was kind of hard for me because as you all know he works a weird schedule where he is gone a lot so for him to save all his time off for the end of the year and take it all at one time was pretty hard on my routine. i know your thinking, what did he interrupt, biking or running, but really just the everyday chores turn into work when you are having to report. he actually wasn't that bad. he roped a lot and spent a lot of time at cowboy christmas with my dad. brady and him took a trip to somewhere in utah to buy a sprayer for the field. we looked at a lot of old junky farm equipment (i'll come back to this). we played in the snow. we argued. we christmas shopped. anyway, for the most part, it was an eventful month and the kids enjoyed having their dad around more. he is constantly telling me that he has to retrain them every time he has some days off because i let them get away with too much stuff, but anyone who knows me knows that this is not the case, i just pick my battles. anna and avery got nintendo ds's for christmas and avery and blake just a few days ago stormed the castle in mario brothers. i don't know what their going to do at night now. anna hasn't really played hers that much, she would rather be absorbed in a book (she stayed home sick today and in fact right now is absorbed in "where the red fern grows"). she informed me that if i didn't cry when i read it, i think i was in the 6th grade, that my heart was made of stone. she is fun. i haven't been up to much besides the routine stuff. kolby said that i am going to be the aunt that everybody remembers as always being on a diet and into the newest exercise craze and as a whole i am ok with this. i don't know why i am constantly, "battling the bulge," but it seems to be one of my trials in this life. i will have to keep you informed as to how this is going. right now, i am on a healthy binge, but i am always waiting for the inevitable to creep back into my life and challenge my good options with the bad ones a.k.a. pepsi. this really isn't a healthy perspective, but thats another trial and another discussion. back to the junky farm equipment: we were looking at this old 1970s bailer with my dad when blake exclaims very excitedly, "clean 1-owner." i couldn't help but giggle even though i was trying my best to not enjoy myself. but that clean 1-owner bailer now sits in our back yard and you have never seen somebody so proud as blake when he brought it home. he actually pulled it right up to the back porch so that anybody who wanted to come take a peak wouldn't need a flashlight. his birthday was just a few days later and one by one the group of party-goers got paraded out to the backyard to ooh and aah over the new piece of john deere equipment. he says he is going to have it painted and detailed, i laughed at that too. anyway, things are going good and i will try to be better about updating this blog and posting some good recipes that i have tried and tested.

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