Saturday, January 9, 2010

its official...

and no i did not have the baby and don't ask again. we now have a tractor in our front yard that is worth more than all 3 of our vehicles put together. blake and my dad put in 18 more acres this summer of alfalfa and decided that the 1950s tractor that has been around my whole life, just was not going to cut it. it fires up just fine, when you pull it, and we have to pull the other one (1970s tractor) just to pull the 100 horse 1950s tractor because it is too heavy to pull with a truck. it is quite a sight, let me tell you! me on one and my dad on the other trying to find the right gear and him telling me to make sure that i don't pop and clutch and tip us both over.

blake has been thinking "tractor" for months now and even the guys at work will see him and say, "tractor, tractor" because they know how consumed he has been with it. he has been searching for the best deal and just been looking at them for a while and i finally realized that he thinks about tractors and farming as much as i think about the baby. at first i was kind of mad when i realized that his mind doesn't revolve around being pregnant and the baby's wellbeing like mine does, but then i realized that he will fall just as much in love with her as me as soon as he can hold her (i get to hold her 24 hours a day right now). we actually fought over who got to hold anna, we both loved her so much. i remember when she was a newborn, how much we grew together and really bonded with eachother. i feel that same thing happening this time and i have enjoyed the closeness that i feel to him (even when my back hurts and he complains about having to rub it).

more later.... we have to run down and listen to hardy's tractor to see if it makes the same noise that blake's new tractor makes.

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  1. I want to see pictures of this tractor!

    K, your little guy is in wrestling and I want Gabriel in wrestling so bad. I haven't really looked into it. Do you have the contact info for the person in charge?