Friday, April 17, 2009

easter 2009

easter morning was kind of rushed because we had to get down by 8 a.m. to the sheep shearing contest. anna did really well in it, but it was her first year, so we didn't expect huge things. maybe her mom should have let her hold the clippers a little while doing her own lambs. it was a learning experience if nothing else. the easter bunny hid the kids baskets, avery's was in the oven and anna's was in the garage by her baby chicks. i finally had to tell avery that it was in the kitchen and it still took him 10 minutes to find it because he was looking in the cupboards, even the top ones, but didn't even think about looking in the oven. it was pretty cute. overall, i think we had a pretty good fair experience, we were all exhausted by sunday night, but we all had fun.


  1. This may not be an official "after" picture, but Wow Kessa! I meant to compliment you at the ball games today and never did. Anyway, woo-hoo! Anna and her lamb are adorable by the way. That girl excells at anything she puts her hand to doesn't she! Way to go Anna!

  2. You are a babe Kessa!! And I am not surprised at all that your children excel at everything they do :). They have you for an example.