Friday, April 17, 2009

clark county fair 2009

i know, she is way too little to be showing in the fair already. my siblings were all teasing me that i might as well be showing because of how excited i got. i know that i was more nervous than her when she walked into the ring, i might as well have been walking in there. she handled it very "cool." she ended up getting 3rd overall in her market class and 3rd overall in her showmanship class. we were quite shocked, it just goes to show how much her mother doesn't know, she did well in spite of me. thanks to kristen (her club leader) for telling her to stare the judge down and intimidate him. it was funny because blake's mom said, "aren't you supposed to smile at the judge?" i told her that is what i always did and i never won and so i told her to listen to kristen.

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