Monday, February 1, 2010

newborn anna

i can't believe the similarities between my 2 girls. i'm sure aurelie will get her own look, but right now every time i look at her it takes me back 10 years to when anna was a baby.

i asked avery who this is and he said, "the baby!" i said nope, that's anna when she was a baby and he said, "there's no difference, she looks just like the baby." it was pretty cute.


  1. Anna is an adorable baby... and she is lots more grown up now. (still pretty darn cute!)

    Billy Paul looks so young... Sandra too.

    I am glad you went with an A name... I even looked up the pronounciation. I love it! Not that my opinion matters. Its what Mommy & Daddy like.


  2. oops! I mis-spelled a word I mean pronunciation. But who cares... I guess it bugs me when I do that.